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Panch Gavya Bilona Ghee – 1KG


  • Produced using A2 Milk of Desi Cow
  • Hand-churned Bilona process
  • No Added Preservatives
  • Contains no GMO’s, artificial hormones, etc
  • Shelf life: 18 Months
  • Never Melted in 45 Degree
  • Made using traditional process.Fresh & Pure Cow Milk Is Procured From Hand-Picked Gaushala and Whole Milk Is Converted Into Curd, Curd Is Slowly Churned by Clock- Anticlock wise to Make Makkhan.
  • Makkhan Is Heated At 105 Degree C to obtain best Quality pure cow ghee and Promote Good Health, Lubricating Joints, And Is Super Rich In Anti-Oxidants To Improve Body Immunity.
  • Made by the Farmer and Cow lover communities
  • High smoke point and Best for cooking and Deep frying
  • Helpful in pregnancy, Slow downs aging process and Good for growing kids.


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